Tape & Reel Packaging Service


With over 20 years of experience, M-TRON Components’ axial and radial component packaging services are the most comprehensive in the industry. M-TRON Components offers a complete range of services for axial and radial components, including custom lead forming, trimming, straightening, marking, tape & reeling.

M-TRON Components Axial Tape-and-Reel services


M-TRON Components offers a full range of services for axial components, including lead forming, straightening, trimming, tape & reel (Class I, II, III, and 26mm formats) Axial taping available 0.200, 0.400, 0.600, and 0.800 pitches.

All axial Tape & Reel services adhere to EIA-296-F, or to your custom specifications.

 M-TRON Components Radial Tape-and-Reel servicesRADIAL

M-TRON Components’ radial component packaging services assures you the quality you expect. With Lead Spacing from .100 to .400, we offer a complete range of services for radial components including; Lead Forming, Stripping, Trimming Straightening to Standard or Custom Specifications.

All radial Tape & Reel services adhere to EIA-468-B, or to your custom specifications.

 M-TRON Components Surface Mount Tape-and-Reel servicesSURFACE MOUNT

M-TRON Components’ access to state-of-the-art SMD packaging facilities that are among the most advanced in the industry today.

All SMD Tape & Reel processes are in accordance with EIA-481-C.

We are capable of processing SOIC, SOP, SSOP, TSOP, D-PAK, DIP, PLCC, SOJ, BGA, QFP, SOT, SOMC, TANT, TSSOP, TVSOP, VSO, POFP, CQFP, SOJ Sockets and PLCC Sockets.


• Bar Code Labeling
• Dry Packing & Moisture Bake
• Inspection, Marking & Sorting

For more information on M-TRON Components’ Tape and Reel Services and the potential benefits to your organization, contact your local M-TRON Components Sales Office at 1-800-437-7766.




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