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 Mil-Spec PackagingBefore you bid on that government contract, give M-Tron Components a call for a quote on packaging! If you've already won the contract, give us a call as well. Using our 29 years of experience in mil-spec packaging we can provide you with a packaging quote that will increase your bottom line profit.

M-Tron will research the packaging specs on the solicitation or contract and provide you a quote for packaging specific to the MIL-STD-2073 requirements. We have handled QAR inspections and are set up to have the inspections at our facility.

We package all Electronic Components as required to your specific soliciation or contract number!

We will research all mil-specs specific to that National Stock Number (NSN) to make sure that your packaging will be accurate.

Included in your quote will be the following...

Please feel free to contact us for a quote by phone 800-437-7766, fax 631-467-5104 or email



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The aerospace industry in its continuous effort to improve quality has developed the first international Quality Management Standard, adopted and adhered to at M-TRON Components, specifically for the industry. It has been published in Europe as EN 9100, in the United States as AS 9100 and in the Far East as SJAC 9100.  M-TRON Components adherence to the standard represents significant effort by M-TRON Components and the aerospace industry to produce a single standard for use across the global aerospace community.