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 M-TRON Components is an AS9120-Certified electronic components distributor
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Since 1984, M-TRON Components has maintained a commitment to excellence and has provided our customers with a secure supply chain to meet scheduled demands. Our professionally trained team of courteous and knowledgeable Sales & Customer Service personnel is dedicated to meeting customer needs fast and efficiently. We will answer your questions, provide on-the-spot quotations, and arrange for J.I.T. deliveries. Most importantly, our company is built on superior service and friendly relationships. M-TRON Components assures you access to the products you need every day, everywhere. It's our pleasure to go that extra mile for you!

 At M-TRON Components, only the necessary ISO certification will fly!QUALITY CONTROL – ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120:2016

M-TRON Components is committed to value and enhancement of quality performance through continuous improvement of our process. The new ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120:2016 standard supersedes ISO 9002 and includes improvements in 4 key areas:

1) increased compatibility with ISO 14000 series of standards
2) creating a common structure based on a process model
3) creating a method to demonstrate continuous improvement and customer satisfaction
4) provide the standard in a language and terminology that is easy-to-understand and simple-to-use.

 M-TRON Components uses Quality Control ISO 9001:2000 for all Medical DevicesM-TRON Components has incorporated these changes into our quality model. Our internal quality system meets or exceeds existing quality standards throughout the distribution industry and is recognized by major OEM end-users as the benchmark by which others are measured. As a certified STAR Supplier of Lockheed, we adhere to QCS122 and review our quality guidelines regularly to ensure compliance on each and every order. Our commitment to quality and our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120:2016-compliant initiative is your guarantee that all materials supplied to you will be in full compliance with your purchase requirements every time.




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M-Tron NDAA Trusted Supplier
ERAI, Inc. continues to serve as the industry’s leading source for accurate in-depth information on problems affecting the global supply chain of electronics.
GIDEP (Government-Industry Data Exchange Program) is a cooperative activity between government and industry participants seeking to reduce or eliminate expenditures of resources by sharing technical information essential during research, design, development, production and operational phases of the life cycle of systems, facilities and equipment.
The aerospace industry in its continuous effort to improve quality has developed the first international Quality Management Standard, adopted and adhered to at M-TRON Components, specifically for the industry. It has been published in Europe as EN 9100, in the United States as AS 9100 and in the Far East as SJAC 9100.  M-TRON Components adherence to the standard represents significant effort by M-TRON Components and the aerospace industry to produce a single standard for use across the global aerospace community.